New tie-up between Tron and NeoWorld, a blockchain enabled VR system

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December 21, 2018 by
Photo: Tron enters into new partnership with NeoWorld
New tie-up between Tron and NeoWorld, a blockchain enabled VR system

Justin Sun’s Tron Structure has entered into a partnership with NeoWorld, a virtual reality system supported by the innovative blockchain technology. Announced on a Medium post, the primary focus of this association is developing a blockchain based island, dubbed as, NeoWorld Exclusive to provide a distinctive VR experience for its customers. Tron CEO is optimistic about the new tie-up that will likely boost ”cooperation within the neighborhood environment.”

The underlying system of NeoWorld comprises internet VR globe backed by blockchain. Here the users can develop large frameworks, perform tasks reflecting those of the real world and create wide range of networks. A default messaging feature is also installed that enables the customers to develop connection with the in-game avatars. NeoWorld witnesses the construction of buildings using ”land parcels” in which more than 100,000 land parcels have already been offered. Also, it provides 1.3 million jobs per day along with supporting 7.5 million structures.

A blue skyscraper is one of the tallest structures in the NeoWorld island, which the Tron team has already visited. On the VR platform, the structure records the highest working score. However, currently, limited information about the structure is available.

The VR system has its own native currency called the NeoWorld Cash or NASH for making digital currency based purchases on a global scale. NASH shares compatibility with Ethereum tokens such ERC20 and ERC 223, as per the whitepaper.

For Tron Structure, besides gaining its foot in real estate space, it also aims to apply for a repayment system supported by TRX tokens. It is likely that to foster the cooperation, Tron would want to utilise its native currency for NeoWorld’s building and land dealings.

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