Ripple’s XRP poses no competition to Ethereum, says co-founder Lubin

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December 27, 2018 by
Ripple’s XRP poses no competition to Ethereum, says co-founder Lubin

Joseph Lubin, the Ethereum co-founder has openly claimed that Ripple poses no competition because it “isn’t a Blockchain modern technology“. He has provided his opinions in a Bloomberg interview on the current condition in the cryptocurrency market and the development witnessed in Ethereum, EOS and Ripple‘s XRP.

Lubin appeared calm when asked if “various other protocols which trade rate or decentralization for security” wind up resulting in getting favour. To explain his poised outlook, he stated, “Surge isn’t really a Blockchain innovation, it’s sort of a settlement system, so I do not really take into consideration that a rival.”

With regards to another digital asset, EOS, he explained that the project is “a somewhat, maybe somewhat, decentralized technique at building a Blockchain system.” Lubin further commented, “EOS is an interesting innovation yet it’s incredibly dangerous to treat it as a layer-one technology.”

Lubin, however, hailed the efforts of Ethereum as despite, having a major dip in price over the ten months, the programmer activity seemed to expand by “2 orders of size”. “We feel the exponential activity increase in our ecosystem; it is frustrating just what’s taking place,” he added.

The interview revealed his optimism towards the digital asset, which has the potential to cope up with the current fall in value and will not negatively affect its progress in the upcoming times. He has recognised the value upsurge as a bubble which resembled the previously occurring “6 large bubbles, each more impressive than the previous one, as well as each bubble is impressive when they’re taking place.

I absolutely anticipate that there is a strong relationship in between the increase in cost as well as the development of basic facilities in the environment as well as the growth of advancement in the ecosystem. We are probably 2 orders of size bigger as a developer community than we were eight or 10 months back,” he said.

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