SECDO seeks US, Canada expansion with 10 million dollars fund collection

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December 20, 2018 by
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SECDO seeks US, Canada expansion with 10 million dollars fund collection

SEDCO takes a step forward to expand its presence by entering into the Canadian and US market by a fund collection of $10 million. ‘We collect whatever continuously, constantly from all endpoints ‘, said the company CEO, Morag. SEDCO enjoys a strong customer base in the African, European and Middle East countries and has now eyed on diversifying domains in US such as telecommunication, finance and healthcare. With this initiative, SEDCO is attempting to transform the manner in which global enterprise deals with event reaction.

The amount generated during the fund collection will be channelised to conduct research work, progress, marketing and also develop customer support in the two aforementioned nations. In this funding process, the list of financiers comprises Elron, Anobit owner, Marius Nacht and Rafael.

Established in 2015 by Gil Barak, the co-founding member and Morag, the CTO, SEDCO runs with an aim to develop event feedback oriented cyber security. From the comparable financiers, the firm had previously collected 3 million bucks seed.

After significant financial investments in remedies that try to stop or spot dangers, the

market’s emphasis is moving to incident action. Security terms are overwhelmed

with notifies as well as are not capable of responding successfully because of minimal sources

and also the complexity of forensic collection as well as analysis‘, said SEDCO CEO and founder, Shai Morag.

It is equipped with a blend of endpoint information collection and automated forensic investigation with authoritative device collection for becoming instantaneously free of dangers. SEDCO makes continuous attempts to address the violation when it comes to case feedback. Also it automatically collects data from all the endpoints in the system as the signals are consistently under the supervision of the system leveraging the collected information and make use of customers with a complete research work.

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