TRON [TRX] transcends 100 million transactions mark as market recovers

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December 19, 2018 by
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TRON [TRX] transcends 100 million transactions mark as market recovers

Tron is on a roll with the upcoming new year plan of having niTROn, the new Accelerator program along with transcending the 100 million transaction mark. Tron founder, Justin Sun on his Twitter handle posted about this new achievement of the TRX network on 16th December. With the bulls returning to the cryptocurrency market, Tron, which occupies the tenth position as the most valuable digital currency in the global ladder, is currently trading well in green.

The 100 million transaction incentive is directed towards the Decentralised Applications (DApps) on the Tron network. Ever since the release of TRONbet, it has become the most popular DApp on Tron community that has actually generated more than 10 million TRX tokens from the time of its launch. It is interesting to note that the TRONbet initiative pushed up Tron over Ethereum on the DApp count. The accounts on TRON’s mainnet also spiked up moving over 600,000 mark in just a span of 143 days.

Previously, when the market was in a dismal condition with bears ensconcing the landscape, TRONbet could record 422 million TRX transactions. In contrast to this figure, Ethereum network powered IDEX could transact and purchase every day only 2,430 ETH.

Justin Sun’s aid to ETH and EOS developers

Sun lent his helping hand towards the developers of both ETH and EOS by developing in the near future a ”rescue fund” for them if they decide to migrate to TRON network. Prior to this initiative, EOS and Ethereum were persistently moving on a downward trajectory. Despite, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum calling him “a shill and unworthy listening to,” Sun did not step back to rescue the trapped developers.

The Tron supporters are looking forward to the new year as the coin enters and fixes its position in the top-10 crypto list. 2019 kicks off with the launch of niTROn, which will be backed by personalities such as Kobe Bryant, the NBA legend, Brian Wong, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Kiip, Taehoon Kim, nWay CEO and Sam Harrisson, the Managing Partner at Blockchain.

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