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EOS, Ethereum and Komodo: Chinese govt recognises as top 3 coins
December 27, 2018 0 326
The cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, EOS and Komodo are recognised by the China Centre for Details Sector Growth (CCID) as top 3 in ‘Crypto job rankings’. This release of ranking ...
Ripple CTO Schwartz hails for XRP decentralized ledger’s benefits
December 26, 2018 0 259
David Schwartz, Ripple CTO on Surge website has highly praised XRP journal stating it as the ”naturally decentralized, autonomous, agreement system.” He has went on saying that ”no person event can ...
Google search for ”Bitcoin Price” falls lowest in three years
December 26, 2018 0 223
The search rate for Bitcoin Price in Google plunged with reduced website traffic that dipped the cryptocurrency to its historical low, says Google Trends. Google Trends is a web service ...
Craig Wright terms the top crypto Bitcoin as a “speculative gambling asset”
December 21, 2018 0 104
Craig Wright has expressed his concern over the severe price drop of Bitcoin and confined its edge over other altcoins to its block development potential. The underlying idea of its ...
Bitcoin cash hard fork summons a ‘crypto civil war’: Brian Kelly
December 21, 2018 0 145
Brian Kelly, a crypto fund manager and CEO of BKCM, a digital asset investment firm has affirmed that Bitcoin price dip is linked to Bitcoin Cash hardfork. In an interview ...
Bitcoin investor sues telecom giant AT&T for his $224 million loss in cryptocurrencies
August 16, 2018 0 151
Bitcoin investor and business owner, Michael Terpin has filed a claim against AT&T, a United States based multinational telecommunications firm, for the loss of his $24 million. AT&T was his ...
Bitcoin dominance reaches 50% for the first time in 2018
August 13, 2018 0 180
Bitcoin dominance over the cryptocurrency market has crossed the 50% barrier, according to the information from Coinmarketcap. This is the first time it has actually occurred in 2018 (formerly, Bitcoin ...
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